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March 2020 was full of uncertainty, lockdown, and vacations canceled. After my vacation cancellation, I uploaded a video recreating a night at the magic kingdom from my bedroom to stay optimistic. #homemadedisney sparked infectious collaboration. Disney fans worldwide came together to recreate the magic at home.  

Making magical memories with my office chair

Homemade Disney

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Organic Collaboration 

I will never forget all the creative homemade Disney videos I was sent. I made this commercial to celebrate the creativity of all those who took part in the worldwide trend that had millions of views across social media.

The best of my homemade moments and a few meta callbacks after the parks reopened

Video from

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Interactive Experiences

Easter came around; we were all still in lockdown. I recreated the Disneyland Easter egg hunt for those younger fans that were still missing the parks. Users clicked on the eggs and watched a homemade Disney video to find the hidden Easter eggs. 

You can still play along; I won’t tell anyone it’s not Easter.

homemade easter egg-01.jpg

Dreams are Forever

Next came the most ambitious homemade Disney project. With evening entertainment still on hiatus in the reopened parks, I teamed up with composer and arranger Jonathan Alvarado to create a fan-made nighttime spectacular. Dreams are forever United fans worldwide to sing vocals and myself performing my best Julie Andrews impression for the voiceover. 


I created a video and branding for this piece and teamed up with @shoeboxmusicals on TikTok to make a mini-stage show. This epic online collaboration was the perfect bookend to creativity that went viral at the beginning of the pandemic.

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